VMware Horizon Features

Display Mode

Display Mode

Detect Display Mode

Automatically detects the active display mode in use for the session.

Display Active Encoder

Automatically detects the active display encoder in use for the session.

Real-Time Analytics


CPU time by encoder

Displays the current CPU time in use for the encoder process.

Memory usage by encoder

Displays the current memory usage for the encoder process.

Frames per Second

Displays the current frames per second delivered to the end point.

Bandwidth output

Displays the current bandwidth usage for the graphics system.

Network Latency

Displays the current network latency as detected.

Change settings on the fly

settings - box

Use video codec for compression

Enabled or disables the use of a video codec by the display mode. Changing this setting will change the display Encoder on the fly.

Image Quality

Change Image quality settings, available settings depend on the detected display mode.

Total Statistics

Remote Display Analyzer settings - box

Available Bandwidth

Display the estimated available bandwidth as detected by VMware.

Total counters

Displays the total amount of display frames delivered to the client.
Displays the total bandwidth consumed by the display codec.
Displays the total CPU time consumed display coded process.

Average Bandwidth Consumed

Displays the average bandwidth consumption used by the display codec process
The button on the down left resets all statistical counters