Remote Display Analyzer is a community project and, although we will do our absolute best to offer support, we can not give any guarantees about response times and future development of the software.

If you have any questions please read the FAQ we will update this according to support requests to make sure it’s complete and you are on your way.

Whenever the FAQ is insufficient or you have other questions please use the contact form to let us know and we will get back to you.

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Frequently asked questions Installation How do I install Remote Display Analyzer? You don’t, Remote Display Analyzer has been designed as a single executable. Where do I place Remote Display Analyzer? Wherever your want it to be, it’s small and runs perfectly from a local or remote drive. Specific Windows 7 requirement Specifically for Windows 7 it is now …

Release notes

Remote Display Analyzer 2.0 (December 2017) Support for the latest changes in Citrix HDX 7.16 Support for VMware Horizon View including both Blast and PCOIP Support for basic GPU information with extended functionality for Nvidia vGPU Addition of a reset button for the total analytics counters Addition of a button that makes Remote Display Analyzer …