Remote Display Analyzer announcements

A couple of years ago Remote Display Analyzer (RDA) started from the idea to make the remote display protocol easy to understand and to help troubleshoot and identify remote display configuration issues. Or just to confirm that everything is configured and working properly. It’s been really amazing how much great feedback we have received from the community and how Remote Display Analyzer grew to be a standard tool in the toolbox of virtualization engineers & consultants.

As you might know RDA has a free community edition and extra functionality can be unlocked by becoming a member of the sponsor program. The sponsor program really helps to balance the amount of time spent into this project, so we want to use this opportunity to thank all of the sponsors of the project, it’s because of you that RDA is where it is today.

There are however some challenges in the current state of the RDA project:

1: We have companies asking for invoices, administration and support. Things where it makes more sense to transition to a business model to accommodate these requests.

2: Vendors keep changing their remote display protocol (that’s a good thing!) and RDA needs to adapt and support these changes as soon as possible to support its user base and the latest vendor changes. Besides that, we want to introduce new features as well. This means RDA needs to be under continuous development.

To accommodate these challenges, we have decided to make two changes in regard to the RDA project:

We are expanding the Remote Display Analyzer team
Besides Bram Wolfs (primary developer) and Barry Schier (product management & testing) we are happy to introduce two great individuals to the team to deliver continuous updates and new features to RDA:

Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk is an IT Consultant and is a bit lazy, yes lazy but in a good way. He hates to do repeated tasks and loves to automate. Ryan is active in the end-user computing area primarily focusing on the user experience in centralized desktop area. With his development experience Ryan is capable to quickly adapt to the customer needs by having the agile mindset. Ryan has been awarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and the VMware vExpert status. Want to know more what Ryan is doing? Check out his blog where he writes on a range of different topics at

Rody Kossen is an IT Consultant, his primary focus is around Workspace. Delivered by technologies from Citrix, NVIDIA and Ivanti ( formally RES Software ). Rody was one of the first picking up the technology from NVIDIA to virtualize the 3D Graphics with GRID. With his previous job he gained knowledge about optimizing the User Experience over long-haul WAN connections. He is also certified and experienced in Citrix SD-WAN to further improve the User Experience. Rody is part of a community Team RGE (Remote Graphics Experts) and speaks on events like NVIDIA GTC.

We are changing how we offer Remote Display Analyzer

To keep the RDA project going we decided to change the sponsor program to a subscription model, where we provide RDA updates and support throughout the year to active subscribers on the program. We are finalizing these changes. We will support invoicing and a better mechanism for online registration and activation. We will also provide a 1-year subscription for free to our current sponsors of the program.

We will implement these changes in the next release of Remote Display Analyzer (release this summer), which will also include a logging module, support for the latest vendor updates, and other improvements.

More information on this soon, thanks for reading!

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